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Pumpkin Decorating 10/28 6pm-8pm • Prepay Online

Pumpkin Decorating October 28th

Please join Ms. Vidal-Santos Tuesday October 28th from 6-8pm
in the Middle School cafeteria to decorate your own pumpkins.
This annual event is a major fundraiser for the school’s art department.
Cost is $5.00 per child. Pre pay by Monday October 27th.
Pizza and beverages will be available for sale.
If you’d like to donate beverages, please email and let us know what you’ll be bringing.
Pay online by credit card – Click here
Please include Child’s Name / Teacher’s Name / (Home)Room# in Notes when purchasing online.

Flyer Download Link – Click Here

Mindful Corner

Today I want to bring to our attention the path and life’s purpose of a Salmon.  Notice what is brought up in you by just hearing this invitation into learning about a Salmon.  Are you curious, do you think it silly, or how could this possibly relate in any way to my life?  So take a moment, and check in with your mind state and your body.  Take a deep breath in, and feel anything that might be affected by being asked on this early Monday Morning to think of the life’s journey of a salmon.  And exhale any judgments you may have that may limit your ability to openly listen and receive.  Take another deep breath in, and exhale out fully with sound.  Again, inhale and exhale.


The life and path the salmon endures is one that we can learn from and help to make meaning of in our own lives.  Close your eyes for a second and think of a beautiful flowing stream in a mountain somewhere and conjure in your mind’s eye a salmon.  A salmon has to swim upstream, against the current and natural downward motion of the water.  This doesn’t deter the salmon, she just continues to swim forward, and upstream.  There are rocks as obstacles, and fear of a Bear who delight on dining on salmon whenever they can.  The salmon knows this, but pushes forward.  She faces her fear fearlessly, which is somewhat risky this path she is on, but if she wants to lay her eggs when she gets to the top of the stream, this is the only path that will take her there.  It seems everything is going against her, the forces of the strong downstream current, rocks making her awareness heightened so she can maneuver in and around them, and she also has to be keenly aware of the bears on the side of the stream looking closely to find a tasty salmon.  She continues forward nonetheless.  Her perseverance is impressive, and her ability to face fear is inspiring,  because giving up isn’t an option.  She wants her species to flourish and she is doing what her destiny asks of her.  Amazingly enough, when she finally reaches the end of her path, lays her eggs, she dies.  There is no glory for her at the end, no awards or external gratification, only the internal knowing that she did whatever she could to make it to the end, lay her eggs and know inside her that this was what she was meant to do.  Her end, is not really the end, it’s a new beginning for so many other salmon to soon make a similar journey.
Take a deep breath in, (ring the bell), and bring in your minds eye, the salmon at the end of its journey, having conquered its fear, and had to put forth great strength, will and perseverance to make it to its goal.  (Ring the bell again)Take a few more breaths in and out.  Now ask yourself where in your life do you need to put forth the energy needed to persevere forward against a seemingly  downward stream, where there are bear -like things creating fear in you, but you found the strength to keep moving forward towards your goal?  (Pause for a few seconds)  Or where in your life do you need to bring up characteristics of the salmon to help you reach your goal?  Maybe it’s a test, a difficult situation with a friend or family member.  How can the path of the salmon help you in your life to attain your goals?  Use this story to help you on your path.   Have a beautiful mindful Monday.