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Mindful Monday – Mindfulness Bell Practice

Today we are going to learn a simple way for us to bring our mind and body back into balance.  There may be times during the day where you are unaware of what you are feeling and why, and taking a few moments to stop, take a breath and observe what is actually happening, will allow you to respond more effectively to your experience by reconnecting with your thoughts and feelings.  You can practice this at times when you feel tired, upset, maybe hungry, or need a restorative break.

We are going to follow the acronym STOP-S for stop and pause. T for Take a breath.  O for observe, and P for Proceed.

(Ring the bell)
We are going to take a few moments to practice with STOP.
(Ring the Bell)
Let’s pause and take a 3 deep breaths.  Observe what is happening inside both your mind and body.  There may be things there that feel uncomfortable, so work towards allowing them to be there just as they are.  Not pushing them away or down, but just noticing their presence without judging them good/bad, right or wrong.  Just let them be.
Take 3 more breaths as you would naturally breathe in and out.
In time as you continue to practice in this way you will begin to feel that no matter what arises inside, you have the ability to be with it, and that the feelings and sensations associated with it do pass, and you can then proceed on with your day.

Teachers please find a place in your room to write the acronym
Stop-Take a break-Observe-Proceed.

Take this practice and use it as necessary in your day to help maintain and create more balance and peace.

Have a great Mindful Monday!

Updated Drop Off And Pick Up Procedures

Dear Bobcat Parents,

Please review the drop off and pick up procedures. This week we were lucky that a student was not seriously injured. The near miss incident was due to a violation of the procedures.

  • Students must enter and exit cars from the car doors on the curb side (right).
  • Students must not be dropped off or picked up from the outside lane, only from the lane that is adjacent to the curb.
  • Cars must not be left unattended at any time.
  • 95th Street (back of school) is not a designated car drop off and pick up area, only walk in.
  • Drop off and pick up lanes should maintain a steady flow. Please do not stop to send phone messages, walk your child to the gate, wait for a person, have social conversations, or to watch your child while he/she is in line under the shelter. Parents whom wish to engage in any of the above mentioned activities can park, for free, in the parking garage and walk to the school entrance.
  • Drivers must respect posted traffic signage, including speed restrictions.
  • Parents should take into consideration the traffic around the school in order to have time to drop off, pick up and arrive at their next scheduled stop. Drivers in a hurry pose a potential risk to the safety of students.
  • Bicycles and skateboards must not be ridden on the sidewalks leading to a school entrance (School Safety Zone).
  • Dogs (pets in general) are not permitted in the School Safety Zone.
  • Traffic infractions and erratic driving should be reported to Bay Harbor Islands Police. School staff does not have the authority to issue a summons or direct traffic. Our responsibility and concern is the safety of the students.


Please understand that these rules are not capricious impositions. The administration and staff are genuinely concerned for the safety of the students who attend Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center, your children.

Music Students Win Chorus Award


Our school chorus sang at the Dade County Youth Fair March 12th. PAL provided a bus for us.

 We won a blue ribbon for first place, and a purple ribbon for a special award, as we got first place perfect score!

We had the chorus on WBHE March 13th and we wanted to congratulate Ms. Abigail Rubin, Music Teacher and her award winning singing students.