Dade County Volunteer Parent Requirements

In order to become a volunteer, you must be registered with Dade County Public Schools.

When you’re done with the section below, please visit to sign up for committees and events

What you’ll need:

A Dade County School Portal Pin Number.  If you don’t have one, go to the school office and they’ll get you one

Create an account at

Log into the portal at

Go to the Apps Services Page and then click on Be a Volunteer Link
Just click here to register:

Under Select a location, choose our school

Under Select One or More Service Activities click on PTA/PTSA

Click submit and fill out the next page with your information.

If you go back to the main page, there will a message box at the bottom, showing your entries and status.

Now, go to the school’s office with your Driver’s LIcense and they’ll help you finish the process.